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Urban Art
Fascinated by the trash and thrown away objects in our cities, Lor-K uses them as raw material for her projects. They are transformed and abandoned again, in the exact location where they have been found. She is therefore dependent on the territory, taking what the street has to offer. Every urban creation is free, ephemeral and bound to disappear in the rhythm of the city. Lor-K is in xterested in urban activism and how it is passed on through time. With MODUL’ART, she invites us to discover a selection of her urban projects through a plateful and colorful exhibition.

MODUL’ART is an interactive installation that allows understanding of the creative process, and plastic approach of this young artist, rising figure of Street Art. It was created for JACES (Days for Art and Culture in Higher Education) and presented at Sorbonne University Pierre et Marie Curie in March 2017 with the support of the Ministry of Culture. MODUL’ART is now presented at OUISHAREFEST at the Grands Moulins de Pantin, from 5-7 July 2017.