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Laszlo Karafiath

Purpose&Play - Co-Creative Consciousness Technologies
Executive life coach - Expert in consciousness technologies.
Laszlo has been fascinated with culture since his teenage years. He nearly got expelled from the 8th grade because he kept disturbing the communist ideology taught in his school. He helped start one of Europe’s best week-long music and arts festivals, Sziget, when he was 20. And he co-created Digital Sziget, a BBS (pre-internet) online community. His second startup, Carnation Strategic Internet Consulting (1997) was acquired by WPP in 2011.

He created the first website for the city of Budapest in 1996, and started an online youth-community in 1998. His masters thesis is on cross-cultural communication. His PhD work is on using meme science in corporate communications. He was a radio host and DJ for 7 years at the opinion-leading Tilos community radio of Budapest. 

Laszlo, a serial entrepreneur, co-founded Darwin’s Marketing Evolution in 2003 in Budapest, Hungary. Using meme science Darwin’s works with Fortune 500 companies like Unilever, Coca Cola, Abbott Laboratories, or SAP mapping their brand-memes and creating new communication strategies. 

He started his new practice in Co-Creative Coaching in San Francisco where he has lived since 2011.