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Jurjen de Vries

Permanent Future Lab
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Instead of playing around with his Piggy Bank, as a teenager Jurjen spread his knowledge about new technologies on Bulletin Boards, which was the forerunner of the internet. He did it without being paid by money. Because Jurjen liked to help others and trusted the favor will one way or another be returned to him one day. With his intuitive trust in serendipity and his hunger for knowledge about new technologies, Jurjen became one of Google’s Top Contributors and he was one of the first in the Netherlands that tested the Google Glass. As crowning achievement, together with his colleague-knowmad Samir Lahiri, in October 2014 he founded the first location of the Permanent Future Lab movement: a sort of library at Seats2meet.com Utrecht (The Netherlands) where people have access to newest innovations without any borders such as money by sharing economy. The goal? Insights and new opportunities which arise.When Jurjen isn’t in the Permanent Future Lab, he is busy with organizing playgrounds, demo sessions and consultancy for companies that are open for new technologies for business purposes.