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Olivier Le Gal

MU / Station Gare des Mines
Producer & Coordinator
Paris Area, France
Olivier Le Gal is producer and artistic coordinator of Collectif MU. After economic science studies, he creates a festival dedicated to young video artists (Rennes-France – 1994-95). Since 1996, he works as production manager for documentary films and short movies in Canada, London and France. In 2000, he joins pedagogic staff of Le Fresnoy and organizes about thirty productions (Tsaï Ming Liang, Dominique Gonzales-Foerster, Edgardo Cozarinski...). In March 2003, he founds MU art group in Paris with 3 former colleagues of Le Fresnoy. Installations or performances, MU’s creations operate a series of reality shifts by the means of sound and video projections, ambulation in a natural setting or a scenography... The territories invested become experimental spaces favourable for the invention of scenarios where the spectator is free to choose his point of view to create his own walkthrough. In the meantime, MU develops a programation activity in the field of contemporary art, music and cinema. In 2006, Olivier Le Gal also founded REMU, a company dedicated to implement MU R&D programs and to provide a technical support for other artistic projects. In 2014 he launched www.soundways.eu, a 3D audio streaming plateform aimed to create geolocated soundwalks. In the meantime, MU develops a programation activity in the field of music and art and open in 2016 a new venue La Station Gare des Mines dedicated to emerging talents in the frame of SNCF French Railways Artistic Call for Proposals.