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Sébastien Maire

City of Paris
Chief Resilience Officer

Sébastien Maire, 41 years old, is the Chief Resilience Officer of the City of Paris. Expert in local authorities’ management, he used to be both elected official (deputy-mayor of his birth town, in charge of university and international relationships) and administrative director in other French municipalities (for economic and local development). From 2008 to 2014, he had to manage many kinds of crisis, especially social ones, as the Mayor's chief of staff of an important and poor city in Paris's suburb. He's specialist in sustainable development and urbanism, and social crisis management through municipalities focus. As Paris CRO, he has been building the city resilience strategy with a wide panel of stakeholders, in two main directions: how to strengthen social cohesion to face any kind of crisis, especially terrorist attacks, and how to adapt middle and long term city urban planning to face global warming consequences.