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Syed Omer Husain

SUSPLACE - Disruptive Innovations
Marie-Curie Research Fellow
Amsterdam - Wageningen
Omer wants to live in a world where innovation thrives, where the open-source knowledge economy is mainstream and where governance and decision making is distributed appropriately.

As a researcher for a multidisciplinary EU project SUSPLACE (Sustainable Place-shaping), Omer is looking into concepts, start-ups, community initiatives, social innovations and open-source technologies which operate outside the dominant institutional and policy regimes today.

His project titled 'Disruptive Innovations' specifically looks at (i) how various Grassroots Innovation Movements (GIMs) can be stimulated and supported using blockchain innovations (ii) How blockchain-based governance innovations can lead to more accountable, transparent, decentralized and trustworthy processes through which public policy is made and implemented.

When Omer is not busying himself with the world of techno-politics, the cryptoworld and sustainability, he is experimenting with fusion cuisine, trying out a new parkour move or yoga position, trekking, traveling or more generally, just learning something new.

Ever-ready to engage with people who would like to co-develop ideas, projects, and recipes for the future, Omer is accessible by email!