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Wim Dries

stad Genk
Mayor of Genk
Genk, Belgium
I was born on March 24, 1972, and grew up in the district of Bret-Gelieren. I'm still living in the same area, together with his spouse Nele and their two children Viktor en Nore. Since childhood, I have been actively engaged in voluntary work. I had a seat in the Students’ Council, was for a long time chairman of Vlaggendansgroep Symbolica and within the organization of the Genker Heidefeesten. I committed myself to assisting many youngsters and developed a sound interest in everything related to the internet, networks and technology.
After finishing my secondary education in the Sint-Jan Berchmanscollege, I obtained a Bachelor Degree in Elektronica Finaliteit (Electronics) at Diepenbeek University and followed several additional courses. I worked for a long time as manager at DAF-Company, and for some time acted as a teacher as well. In 1995, I was elected member of the Genk City Council, and since 2002 I have been a fulltime active member of the Board of Aldermen. In December 2009, I was elected as the 10th Mayor of Genk. I also occupy the position of chairman of Infrax Company and I'm the chairman of the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities.